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Cerebrum has become a market leader by creating a broad network of diverse IT talent with extensive experience and leading edge skills. Drawing on a vast pool of top talent, Cerebrum ensures that our clients are afforded a broad skill set of resources that are readily available to meet their needs and goals. At Cerebrum , we enable you to enjoy an impressive career, maintain a positive work/life balance, and keep technology moving ahead with one of the industry's leaders. Cerebrum offers a wide variety of full-time and hourly employment options that provide you with great flexibility as well as consulting assignments with leading companies across the United States.

Mainframe Programmer - Fulltime positions (40 hours a week)

Cerebrum Software Solutions, Inc is seeking for 1 Fulltime (40 hours a week) position of Mainframe Programmer at 44335 Premier Plaza, Suite # 210, Ashburn, VA 20147 at competitive salary.

Job Summary for Mainframe Programmer:

Analyze, Design, Develop & Test general computer applications software using COBOL, JCL, DB2, CICS, SQL, Intertest, Platinum, File-Aid, File-Aid for DB2, SPUFI, Xpediter, REXX. Travel within USA required.

Bachelor’s in Comp Science or Applications or Engg (any) + 5 year of experience as computer software professional.

We offer comprehensive benefits. To apply send your resume to HR Manager

  • CereBrum Software Solutions Inc, 44335 Premier Plaza,
    Ste.210, Ashburn. VA - 20147


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Cerebrum Software Solutions Inc is a global technology services company, expertise in IT services, Call Center Services, ApplicationMaintenance and Web Development Services.

Cerebrums professionals have multi-lingual capabilities to serve its clients around the globe. Our main focuses is on building long-term relationships with clients and has strategic alliances with leading IT solutions providers.


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