About Staffing

Today more than ever, businesses are realizing the benefits of outsourcing for technical projects. Not only are qualified professionals hard to find,but the process of hiring and managing people for technical projects takes attention away from core business demands.

Since 2010, Cerebrum Software Solutions Inc., has been helping companies achieve their business goals with professional staffing solutions. With a pool of qualified consultants and one of the most developed staffing and recruitment organizations in the industry, Cerebrum Software Solutions Inc, is able to provide the most comprehensive and flexible technical staffing solutions anywhere.

Cerebrum Software Solutions Inc, is more than just a group of skilled consultants. To each new project, our consultants bring proven methodologies and best practices developed during thousands of hours of work at hundreds of clients.

Cerebrum Software Solutions Inc, approach is constantly being kept up to date and all consultants benefit from a broad network of peers in the field, who share knowledge and insight. With consultants operating everywhere, Cerebrum Software Solutions Inc, can deliver individual consultants or teams anywhere in the US.

We are a multi-dimensional information Technology Company that can help you locate the specialist for your mission-critical IT needs. Our research team provides a wide spectrum of staffing solutions to our clients, including outsourcing for key projects, contracts and permanent positions.

Our industry specialization and existing database helps speed-up the process. We develop a profile of the client's objectives and expectations to ensure we can accurately communicate the company's vision to selected candidates.